A Cocktail making experience like no other

There’s a good reason why so many hens love our mobile cocktail lessons . And it’s not just because we offer the option of having it run by a butler in the buff! We have a growing number of experienced mixologists and bar tenders who know how to make you the perfect cocktail and teach you how to do it. In this article you will get a glimpse of how a typical cocktail lesson would look like.

The booking process:

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that your booking process is the best it can be. When you book your mobile cocktail maker, you will be able to see and select who you would think would be a good option for your event. This is something you won’t find elsewhere, hence why we call ourselves Butler Direct. Once you have selected your cocktail maker, you will be able to contact them directly to arrange your booking date and time as well as discuss any important details you might have. Common requests from our clients are: “Please call when nearby so we can sneak you in as it’s a surprise” or “Please do the cocktail lesson in the buff”. You can of course opt for a fully clothed cocktail making experience. Either way you will be able to rest assured knowing your booking is in the hands of the person of choosing and not a third party.

On the day of the event:

Your mobile cocktail maker will arrive just before the time of your choosing to set themselves up with all the glassware, ingredients and cocktail making equipment. Once this is done, the fun part begins. Your cocktails maker will introduce themselves to your group and describe how the cocktail lesson will be done for you. Each cocktail maker is different however the setting is usually 3-4 cocktails per person with a game or two played in between the cocktails made. A common example might be a round of “Never have I ever”. We usually try to do this after the first or second cocktail to get everyone feeling a bit more honest with their sips of drinks.

During the cocktail lesson:

Depending on your arrangements with the cocktail maker, you will be able to enjoy 3-4 cocktails of your choosing from their menu. Most of the cocktail makers will be familiar with making popular cocktails such as Mojito’s, The Cosmopolitan or Sex On The Beach.

You will need to pay attention to each cocktail demonstration made by your cocktails maker so that you are well prepared to make one of your own. Please be mindful of breaking any glassware for your own safety and that of others.

At the end of the lesson:

Your mobile cocktail maker will be happy to take pictures of you all while you’re having fun and may play one last game if time permits. Once this is all done the glassware and equipment will be rounded up and put back in the cocktail maker’s vehicle. So, all in all, you will be able to essential tailor your event to your desire. All this with the knowledge that you already know who you are booking and what they will bring to your event.