Should you stay in or go out on NYE?

New Year's Eve with Butler Direct

Already thinking about New Year’s Eve? For many of us, it’s easily the biggest night of the year. For others, it can feel like one of the most difficult to plan. Should you stay in with your loved ones, head down to the London fireworks to watch sparks fly above Big Ben, or head down to the local?

From dealing with FOMO to keeping the peace at home, there’s a lot to think about. To help settle the big debate, we’ve revealed the unexpected delights of staying at home on New Year’s Eve.

Why stay in on New Year’s Eve?

If you’re looking for the right answer to this question, you’re probably not feeling tempted to head out on New Year’s Eve. Don’t let us tell you what to do, but there are a good few reasons why you might want to avoid the crowds.

It’s cheaper.

Firstly, no matter which way you look at it, NYE is an expensive night out.

Buying rounds of drinks, ordering food and even the taxi home add to the total cost. Even if you try to budget beforehand, you’ll probably still end up spending more than you planned. And if you’ve been looking for the best New Year’s Eve dress to impress the whole party, you’ll also be spending a pretty penny on that too!

Staying at home removes all the extra costs tied in with a big night out on NYE. You can simply pick your favourite drinks, movies, playlists and games before getting the party started – and for a fraction of the cost.

You can still have fun at home.

Who says that you’ll have more fun in a club anyway?

Since the pandemic, the decline of the UK’s nightclub industry reflects a shift in the way we choose to celebrate. While we still love a good night out every once in a while, we’ve learned to appreciate home comforts and the opportunity to mark special occasions in a personal way.

You can still sip on bar-quality drinks without hitting the town, too. Whether it’s at home or in a hired party house, you could have the time of your life when you book private cocktail lessons to keep the laughs coming and the drinks flowing. From cheeky party games to handmade cocktails, private entertainment comes with exclusive perks that promise to elevate any occasion.

It’s more comfortable.

Spending NYE with your significant other? Staying at home could be a no-brainer if you’re after a romantic night for two.

Sure, getting dressed up and going out for dinner in a fancy restaurant can be a great way to celebrate. But after all those indulgent festivities over Christmas, you might not be feeling up to a heavy night. It’s also easy to forget that you’ll probably be going back to work in a couple of days, so another big blowout could tip you – and your bank balance – over the edge.

Spending New Year’s Eve at home gives you unlimited access to snacks, sofas, and cosying up under a blanket. Forget being in a sweaty room with people you don’t know and a playlist you don’t like: you’re in control when you stay home. Gather your friends and family round for a wholesome evening.

It’s the safer option.

Thanks to the popularity of a night out on NYE, the occasion has a reputation for causing carnage.

From noisy, jam-packed bars to crowds causing chaos on the streets, there’s a lot that can go wrong. Even if you’re not looking for trouble, it’s easy to get caught up in a stressful situation like losing your friends or slipping over on something unpleasant on the floor.

Last year, London Ambulance Service expected to receive over eight thousand 999 calls on New Year’s Day due to surging demand after midnight. From broken bones to twisted ankles and split lips, there’s a lot that could possibly go wrong on a rowdy NYE night out – but nothing you could avoid by having a cosy one at home instead.

Planning is no fuss.

Everyone knows that trying to coordinate a night out with friends on New Year’s Eve can be a complete nightmare.

It’s not just the back-and-forth messages on the WhatsApp group chat beforehand or even the days spent discussing which bars you’ll go to. Trying to get a group together and sticking to the plan is no mean feat, especially with ticketed events and last-minute invitations increasing the risk of last-minute dropouts.

When you host New Year’s Eve at home, there’s no room for disagreements or grey areas. While there’s still an element of keeping everyone happy, hosting the party means that no one can change the plan. You’ve got the night under your wing, and you know just how to make it go smoothly. But even if you’ve decided to have your New Year’s party at home, getting a helping hand could go a long way.

Plan your NYE party with Butler Direct

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have some fun yourself – and sometimes, when you’re a host, it’s hard to truly relax and enjoy the night if you’re too busy thinking about everyone else.

That’s where the professionals at Butler Direct can help you. Let us take the weight off your shoulders by providing world-class entertainment just for you and your guests. We’re an expert team of buff butlers, guaranteed to provide you with the best quality evening.

No matter whether you’re 21 or 70 years old, you can rest assured that our high-quality service always stays the same. We’ve got a few more tricks up our sleeves, too… or should we say behind our aprons. Not only can we offer private cocktail lessons using premium spirits and fresh ingredients, but you can also book a stripper for your NYE party if you’re feeling saucy.

Keen to learn more? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Butler Direct. We’ll do our best to make sure that we can bring your NYE vision to life, no matter how big your plans might be.