What will your Butler in the Buff do for you?

If you’ve wondered what exactly a butler can do for you, there’s no need to be shy about it.

This is a question that our clients ask themselves when they book a butler in the buff online

and wonder who they’ll get to meet – it’s completely normal.

Imagine being in charge of your best friend’s party: it’s your responsibility to make sure that

the night is as enjoyable and memorable as possible for everyone there. The last thing you’d

want is to find out that you’ve hired a male entertainer who’s shy, unprepared, or simply

not suitable for the event you’ve organised. Naturally, you’ll be eager to know more about

what your butler can do before you book him.

Introducing: Butler Direct

The answer to this question is the same reason Butler Direct was created. We want to let

you see real life butlers in the buff who have years of experience in this industry and put your mind at ease. Unlike agencies who pick whichever butler is closest to your event location, often regardless of experience level, you can take your time with Butler Direct. We offer the unique

opportunity to see how each butler’s reviews, statistics and strengths line up.

But that’s not all: you can also communicate directly with the male entertainers ahead of

your booking. We’re happy for you to discuss any minor or major details they might need to

know, from their time of arrival to any specific outfit requirements on the night. Or, you

could decide on the games you’d like to play, which person you’d like your male entertainer

to give extra attention to, and any other special requests.

The party games and routine

If you’ve never booked a butler before, we know you might be slightly apprehensive about

what your butler will do on the night. We’ve teamed up with one of our butlers, Kiru, to put

your mind at ease and fill you in on the details.

“Whenever I’ve been asked “so what do you actually do?” by anxious hens or event

organisers, I start by briefly telling them about my routine – this mainly consists of serving

and making drinks or cocktails, taking lots of photos, with me included, and making a

surprise entrance for the bride or birthday girl.”

“There are also a few popular party games to choose from, but you’ll be able to choose

which ones we play. You can pick from classics like Never Have I Ever, Find the Plaster (a

cheeky blindfolded game) or Tinder Swipe, or you can request your own naughty games to

throw into the mix.”

Kiru’s first-hand experience proves that his routine combined with party games and candid,

friendly conversations with the entire group makes the party so much more entertaining. By

the end of the booking, you won’t want your butler to leave: time flies when you’re having


About your butler

All this might sound great to you, but it still might not take away any potential anxiety

you’re feeling about who could be your butler for your event. As mentioned above, this one of the main reasons why we launched Butler Direct. We always prioritise first-class service, so that’s why we emphasise a few important qualities of the guys we work with. Namely, those are being on time for the event, being respectful, giving everyone equal attention and, most of all, being able to read the room.

You’ll be able to check that your butler ticks all these boxes when you check out their profile

and see their information and reviews. In addition to the opportunity provided to converse

with your butler ahead of the booking, these are features that make the Butler Direct

experience so unique – and at lower rates, for your benefit.

Finding your butler

We would always encourage you to look through the profiles to find out what your male

entertainer offers. You’ll find that some of our guys can do more than just being a butler, including being able to make quality cocktails. For a truly tailored experience, combining the butler in the buff service with a private cocktail lesson or masterclass could be the best choice for you. A few of our butlers are also professional male strippers, so again, you could combine

multiple services and give the bride to be – or whoever the lucky girl might be – a special

dance towards the end of the booking. Why not finish on a high?

About you and your event

Ultimately, this is your booking – so your entertainer should be focused on ensuring you and

your private group have a great time. As much as we have confidence in ourselves to do

that, we also need you to provide us with accurate information and details about the event.

Occasionally, we might struggle to locate your venue if we can’t reach you by phone on the

night. Our biggest tip to you is to make sure you provide the correct date, time, and location

to help your butler get to you as soon as he can. If your address is very rural or remote, send

us a live location pin by text or on WhatsApp and we’ll be able to hit the ground running.