Butler Direct – The Agency with a Difference

Butler Direct: Who are we?

Established in 2022, Butler Direct was inspired by a steadfast vision to improve the quality of private entertainment.

After years of experience working in the industry, company founders Oliver and Kyle formulated a plan for what they considered to be the perfect agency, both in theory and in practice. Oliver identified a sharp contrast in the level of service clients received from the same companies, motivating an urgent need for change.

What do we do differently?

Even though we offer similar services to our competitors, we work in an entirely different way.

Conventional agencies accept bookings and assign an available butler to that role, and you won’t usually be able to make any specific requests. This means you could end up with someone fantastic – but equally, you could also receive a butler who doesn’t work to the standard you’d expect.

Plus, if you had any negative feedback about the service you received, it would just go straight to the agency responsible. This flawed system allows butlers who receive poor feedback to be sent out time and time again, and that’s something we’re looking to change with our pioneering process.

Our unique process

At Butler Direct, we’ve put every thought into making sure you only receive a level of service that exceeds your expectations. With individual butler profiles on our website, you can get to know your butler before he even arrives.

When it comes down to payment, some agencies happily take the lion’s share of your booking fee. This leaves little left over for the butlers or for the necessary ingredients for cocktail lessons, leaving some butlers rushing from job to job.

We’re committed to delivering high standards from start to finish. If you choose to book cocktail lessons with us, you can expect your drinks to taste just like they would from your favourite bar – or even more delicious. We only use fresh, quality ingredients from suppliers we know and trust, because we know your night is always in our hands.

Our butlers, your call

After a careful process of trial and error, we’ve worked out the most efficient way to make high quality private services more affordable for our clients – without compromising on a fair wage for our staff.

With Butler Direct, we’ve launched a site that enables butlers to advertise themselves free of charge, have their own profiles, manage their own bookings and availability calendars with very little input from us.

This means that our butlers can simultaneously earn more while charging less – and we know that’s a win-win for everyone involved. Even though we only choose to work with experienced, talented butlers, we still know it’s important to hold our staff accountable for their performance.

Keeping things fair

At Butler Direct, we’re investing in the future of private entertainment.

We’re honest, transparent and genuine, and we will always show every review on each butler profile. This means you’ll be able to seek only the best service available, and we won’t hide any mistakes or misunderstandings.

We believe that you deserve to celebrate without breaking the bank, so that’s why we also aim to keep costs fair for all our clients. At the same time, making sure our butlers know they’re valued is one of our top priorities – so we’ll always guarantee that a large portion of the price you pay goes directly to your butler.

Our service, direct to you

We understand how important it is to give you a night to remember – and for all the right reasons. Whether you’re celebrating a big birthday or planning an incredible hen night, you’ll have the option to talk directly to the butler you’ve booked.

So, from any questions about the big night to special requests for raunchy games and more, you’ll be able to ask your butler, direct and in confidence. We’re always open to new ideas and suggestions for personalised parties and tailored experiences.

If you’re ready to work with us, don’t hesitate to send us an email or give us a call today. We’re ready and waiting for your enquiry.