Tips and advice when planning a hen do

Planning a hen do can be a stressful process, especially if you’re doing this on your own and the pressure rests solely on your shoulders. Speaking from experience, we know what kind of hen do’s usually end up being the most memorable, and which ones lead to more stress than fun. In this article we’ll be comparing different settings and services you could book for a hen do and give you an overview of which options we think could be best for you.

Choosing a venue:

Assuming you’ll be doing the hen do in the UK, there’s a few sites you could look at to choose where you and your friends will be staying for the hen do. Before you do this it’s vital that you are realistic about the place you have in mind. Some venues (and even bars!) will not allow hens to enter. We won’t speculate too much on why that could be but it’s important that you read any fine print and avoid booking those types of places.

Aside from this, you have sites such as Airbnb and Celebration Cottages that will give you a vast number of choices around the UK for your hen do. Depending on your taste, you could go for a city apartment, a modern mansion with a hot tub/swimming pool or even a festival styled outdoor camp. Whatever you choose, it’s going to be crucial for you to take into consideration how well any of the activities you have in mind will go with the place you’re all staying in.

The hen do activities:

As mentioned above, the activity you choose for your group will need to fit in with your venue. For example: if you were to book a mobile cocktail lesson but you and your friends are staying on the 10th floor apartment of a city centre sky rise, this will be pretty challenging for your mobile cocktail maker to get to and find an appropriate parking spot close enough; considering the amount of equipment, glassware and mixers they will be carrying. You also need to ensure that there’s ample space for you all to sit around a table to carry out the cocktail lesson and potentially have your cocktail maker start and finish later than planned. However, a butler in the buff booking or even a life drawing model could be ideal as it wouldn’t be half as difficult and would compliment any plans you have after the booking.

If you choose a secluded venue where you can blast your music on loud and have plenty of indoor and outdoor space, then a cocktail lesson would be perfect. You could even contact us to arrange a whole day whereby you start off with life drawing booking in the afternoon, and then a cocktail lesson in the evening with the same person.

Top tips for your hen do:

The main thing we would recommend is avoiding booking a service that wouldn’t fit well with your chosen venue and vice versa. This is rarely an issue, but it can be easily overlooked. What we would recommend is combining different services together. You could, for example, combine a butler booking with a cocktail masterclass since many butlers are also cocktail makers. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get this tailored for your event. Having said that, we would advise discussing with your group of friend’s which activity you would all enjoy before the hen do (unless it’s a surprise for everyone). The sight of tall, handsome buff butler can leave some a little flustered, and wondering what to say or where to look…