Our top 4 games to play with your butler in the buff

Hiring a butler in the buff can sometimes be daunting. Will he come with games? Will it be awkward? What will he actually do? These are all normal questions and we’re here to reassure you that when you book through Butler Direct, you have absolutely nothing to worry about as all of our butlers know these games and more. Keep reading to find out about our top 4 games to play with your butler in the buff.

Guess the Butlers Age

This is a great game to break the ice and hand out some shots to your fellow hens. In this game, the whole hen party gets to ask the butler 3 questions to help them determine how old he is; these cannot be maths based questions that will help you determine an exact age. Once the hen party has asked the 3 questions, the hens need to line up one by one and whisper in the butlers ear how old they think he is. If the person guessing gets the age wrong, they have to do a shot, but if they get it right, they get to hand the shot out to anyone else in the party.

Find the Plaster

This is without a doubt one of the best games you can play with your butler in the buff. This game requires 2 volunteers each round, one to place the plaster and one to find it. Once you have your 2 volunteers and have decided who is doing what role, you’ll need to blindfold the person finding the plaster while the other person places it somewhere on the butler. Once the plaster is on, the person has 60 seconds to find the plaster on the butlers body using their hands. If the plaster is found, the person who placed the plaster must do a shot, if it’s not found, the person finding the plaster must do the shot. The roles then swap so both volunteers has a go at both roles. Repeat until everyone who wants a go has had one.

Dirty Little Secret

This game is not for the faint hearted but will get the group laughing more than any other. This game requires all the party apart from the bride to be to write down a dirty little secret on a phone or piece of paper and pass them to the butler in the buff. Once all the secrets are in, the butler will read the secrets out one by one and the bride has to guess which secret belongs to who. If the bride guesses right, the person who’s secret it was must take a shot, if the bride gets it wrong then she must have the shot. We can promise you from experience that this game will make the hen party one to remember.

Body Shots

You heard us. Why not finish off the night with some body shots off your butler in the buff. These take little explaining and are as straight forward as they sound. They are a great photo opportunity and may give you all some flashbacks of your girls holiday.