Our Top 5 Drinking Games for your Hen Party!

Pre-drinks have begun, everyone appears to be a little too sober, and nobody can come up with any amusing drinking games to start the party. It might be challenging to come up with anything that will be well-liked by most people in a room, especially when under pressure and when alcohol is involved. It can be difficult to choose the ideal drinking game for adults because there are drinking games for four, drinking games for teams, and even nasty drinking games.

Here are some of the most well-liked party drinking games to get you started:

1. Shot Roulette!

Shot Roulette is one of the top drinking games for adults because it’s simple to understand and doesn’t require any prior interpersonal relationships. Get a tray of shot glasses and pour vodka and water evenly into each one (or any drinks of choice). Without sniffing the liquid, players must make an educated guess as to what is in their glass. After that, they take the shot! If the individual guessed incorrectly, they must take another shot.

2. Never Have I ever!

Many people, with good reason, have a love-hate relationship with Never Have I Ever. The drinking game Never Have I Ever is regarded as one of the best because it enables you to learn a variety of secrets about your companions. It’s unquestionably a good way to meet everyone and immediately establish a rapport.

Taking rounds, each participant just states something they have never done, such as “I have never kissed in a hot tub.” This is another excellent option for dirty drinking games for adults because the more promiscuous, the better. Those who have done the particular action must thereafter have a sip of their drink. Despite how entertaining this game may be while intoxicated, be ready to shudder the following morning when you see the disgusting things that you have admitted to

3. Prosecco Pong

A fun twist on Beer Pong, prosecco pong is a universally popular game because it is simple to learn but challenging to master. Lay out two sets of cups in the shape of a pyramid on opposite ends of the table. Then, gather a ping pong ball, and pour your preferred beverage into each cup. Although prosecco isn’t required, it is advised because anything stronger will quickly become pricey and rowdy.

The ball is then thrown into the other team’s cups by each team in turn. Your opponent must drink the contents of their cup if you manage to get the ping pong ball into it.

The fact that you may play in doubles or rapid rounds of single matches makes this one of the best drinking games for four players.

4. Flip Cup!

Flip Cup is another game that requires breaking into two teams and is quite competitive. Prepare two disposable cups at one end of the table and arrange the teams in a straight line. Each team’s first two players begin by leaning their plastic cup over the edge of the table and attempting to turn it over so it lands upright. When this is accomplished, the cup is passed to the next person in line. Once the cup has made it to the last person, that team wins and the losing team then has to finish their drinks. One of the best drinking games for groups, this one will keep you giggling all night.

5. Body Shots from your Butler in the Buff!

This is the simplest and possibly the most fun. Simply lay your butler in the buff on a table and place some shots on his body! You can place the shot in various places and get some great photos while you’re at it!