Ready for a real hen night? Here’s how to plan perfectly

If you’re in charge of planning a hen party, don’t panic!

Whether you’ve been in the game for years of you’ve never done it before, we’ve shared some expert tips below to help guide you through the process.

How to plan a big hen night

1. Speak to the bride-to-be

As tempting as it might feel, you shouldn’t go ahead and assume that the bride-to-be would be happy with a surprise party.

It might be the traditional approach, but if your best friend doesn’t like surprises, she might prefer to know your plans.

You should ask general questions to get an idea of her preferences – but not to give away every detail. You might want to ask her:

  • Whether she’d prefer to travel or stay local
  • How many girls should be there
  • What her budget might be
  • Whether she’d like just one hen night or a whole weekend

2. Confirm the guest list

It’s crucial to make sure that you’ll only be inviting the right guests.

Talk to the bride-to-be in advance to confirm a list of invitees, and then follow up at least a week later before sending out invites. That way, even if she changes her mind, you won’t need to endure the awkwardness of a change of plan – or, even worse, an unwelcome guest.

3. Choose a date

The most important step in choosing a date is picking one that the bride herself can attend. When you discuss the date with her, ask for two or three dates that she could possibly do – then, present them to the group

If a debate on the WhatsApp group chat isn’t your style, you might prefer to send out postal invites to all the hens attending. Just remember that if you are discussing the date with the hens, you’ll need to give just a small selection of dates to choose from.

4. Start making bookings

From outdoor group activities to a table for bottomless brunch, it’s important to sort out all bookings in advance when you’re planning for a medium-to-large group. Don’t forget transport tickets, too!

You’ll also need to think about entertainment. It’s worth doing some research before you start booking, just to double-check that your chosen venues will be welcoming to a hen party.

Or, if you book cocktail lessons from a butler in the buff, you won’t even need to worry about spending hundreds of pounds in a bar. What’s more, your charming, handsome host will make the night unforgettable – and for all the right reasons.

5. Don’t overspend

Lastly, try not to get too carried away with your spending. You’ll need to consider the individual budgets of each guest, too, so don’t book a city renowned for being expensive if it could put anyone out of pocket.

Once you’ve got these first few steps covered, all that’s left is to enjoy the big night!