Can butlers only be booked for hen parties?

A very common misconception around butlers in the buff is that they are only booked or sought after for hen parties in the entertainment industry. In this article we’ll tell why this isn’t the case and how they can be great entertainers for more than just one type of event. Similarly, cocktail lessons can be a great experience for more than just hen parties and can be done fully clothed if you want to have a more formal event.

Birthday parties

The second most common type of booking for butlers in the buff after hen parties are Birthday parties. As you can imagine, a group of friends may get together to celebrate someone’s 18th or 50th Birthday party and decide that a butler would be a great way to entertain them and everyone else (great idea). In this setting, our butlers will offer a very similar experience to hen parties but focus more on taking pictures and playing fun games. What better way to give the Birthday lady a Birthday cake? Similarly, a cocktail lesson or a stripper could be a great way to add some extra fun to the birthday party.

Ladies’ night

In this setting, you and your friends might want to do something different instead of going out in town and standing in a cold line to get into a bar or nightclub. A lady’s night in the comfort of your own home or an Airbnb is a perfect alternative that will bypass most of these inconveniences and let you enjoy yourselves in a way a night out in town can’t offer. No need to worry about drinks being spiked as one of our cocktail makers will bring all the glassware and ingredients straight to you and make fresh cocktails right before your eyes. Likewise, our butlers and strippers will ensure you have a fun time together and get the shots and drinks flowing at your own pace.

Corporate events

Another very popular type of booking for butlers in the buff for corporate events. Of course, this isn’t suited for all corporate events but as an example, you may have a long-standing employee leaving your company and you want to give them a really memorable leaving party. Getting a butler or even a cocktail masterclass for your colleagues is a great way to make your event interactive and fun filled. You can expect plenty of memorable pictures to be taken and laughter thanks to the party games our entertainers will get everyone involved in. As an example, our butlers or cocktail makers may get you all to play the “share your secret” game after a few drinks. This will encourage everyone to share an embarrassing or naughty secret about themselves with our butlers/cocktail makers who will then read them out to one person (in this case a leaving employee) so that they can try to guess who each secret belongs to.

Other events

Having said all this, there are many other types of events you can book one of our entertainers for. You may be running a charity event, a specially themed nightclub, or even a bingo themed night at a local venue. Whatever it may be, you can be creative with how you tailor your event and count on one of us to add that extra bit fun you would have been missing out on!