Wedding trends for 2023: Our exclusive hints, tips and predictions

If you’re getting married this year, you’ve got a lot to be excited about. After everything we’ve endured over the past few years, couples are aiming for bigger, better, and never-before-seen types of weddings.

We’re expecting 2023 wedding trends to be all about redefining the traditional experience, with a new focus on connecting to family and friends in the most personal, authentic ways possible. We’ve handpicked a few upcoming trends for next year’s wedding dresses too.

Wedding themes for 2023

Thanks to the most recent amendment to the Marriages and Civil Partnerships Regulations, approved premises can now legally host outdoor ceremonies.

With the option for marriages to take place outside churches and other magnificent venues made permanent, weddings in 2023 will become truly representative of each couple.

And as for upcoming trending wedding themes, we’ve got our money on:

Natural, floral weddings

Expect to see rich, earthy fauna and decadent leaves laid attentively over the top tables this year. We’re craving the scent of blossoming flowers and fresh pines now more than ever before, and there’s every reason to suggest that nature will start appearing more abundantly in weddings.

Ceremonies at dawn and dusk

The prospect of plain colours set against clear, neutral backdrops in wedding photos is outdated. Twilight weddings present a captivating alternative for couples getting married in the UK in 2023.

The overarching theme of proactively personalised weddings will extend to their timings too. For couples marrying in spring, rays of golden hour sunshine could create something truly spectacular.

Alternative entertainment

Along with making extra efforts to ensure a personal wedding, couples are seeking new and unconventional ways to give their guests a memorable experience. From private musical ensembles to raunchy party games from a butler in the buff, entertainment offerings for guests will be ramped up.

Weddings in 2023 are set to be much livelier for guests, with entertainment provided either side of the big day.

Sustainability and upcycling

We might expect to see the theme of sustainability extend to wedding favours too. Ever been to a wedding and found a little packet of sweets, a bottle of bubbles, or another small gift left on your place at the table?

In 2023, we think that handmade and eco-friendly favours will replace single-use commodities. From homegrown potted succulent plants to biodegradable confetti, couples will show more attention to detail.

What do 2023 wedding dress trends look like?

And if you’re a bride-to-be, you might still be in the earliest planning stages for your big day. From tiny embroidered details to the colour on your wedding dress, you’ll have a lot to think about – so it’s important to make sure you can choose one that not only reflects who you are but makes a distinct statement.

We’re keeping our eyes on the hottest wedding dress trends for 2023, including:

Shorter hems

Even though some brides might be aiming for a ball gown revival, a wedding dress doesn’t need to be extravagant to make an impact. As couples start to embrace the warmer weather, we predict hems cut at the ankles or even as short as the knees. With large gatherings being almost impossible over the past couple of years, spring brides in 2023 will relish the opportunity to celebrate even more.

Texture and form

We wouldn’t usually suggest that you should expect the unexpected when it comes to wedding trends. However, as the next round of spring weddings approach, we predict that brides will be more experimental with fabrics. Traditional bridal materials will be challenged, replaced instead by unconventional definition and texture. As seen in the creation of a brand new fabric in this bespoke Vivienne Westwood wedding dress, boundaries will be pushed in 2023 weddings.

‘90s throwbacks

With glitter and sparkles taking a backseat, over-embellished wedding dresses are quickly going out of fashion. Instead, one of our predicted bridal trends in 2023 will be the return of smooth satins and the relaxed, simplistic styles seen in the 1990s. Keep your eyes peeled for skinny straps, classic laces, and shimmering dresses with uninterrupted, minimalist beauty.

Soft colour hues

White will undoubtedly always be the most popular choice for a wedding dress. But when it comes to unconventional alternatives, we’re expecting baby blues and warm blush pinks to take centre stage.

If you’re not keen on the idea of wearing a white dress, pastel tones can be just as elegant and romantic too. Dusky pinks make an attractive option and complement a variety of different skin tones too.

Preparing for your wedding

If you’re still unsure how to set the theme for your spring wedding next year, try not to panic. After you’ve booked the venue and confirmed the ceremony, you’ll be able to enjoy a little bit more flexibility when it comes to the finer details.

Dealing with the cost of a wedding might be stressful, but never lose sight of the fact that it’s a long-term investment towards your lifelong fulfilment.

Book wedding entertainment with Butler Direct

Above all, just remember that it’s a day for both of you. Try to relax, let loose a little bit, and cherish your first dance with thoughts of the future in mind. If you have any questions about the entertainment we can provide for weddings and bridal parties, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.