Planning the perfect Autumn Wedding in the UK

Autumn Wedding

Designing your special day is certainly the most exciting venture of every bride-to-be. And if you are planning to celebrate this magical affair in autumn, we couldn’t be more supportive of your decision. The autumn months are perhaps the most ideal time to get married. The unbearably hot summer days are already behind, the weather is pleasant, and there is an abundance of lovely colours in the shades of yellow and orange that add to the enchanting atmosphere. We are here today to help you devise an unforgettable autumn wedding. Below, you’ll discover useful planning tips regarding the most important decisions- from venue and decor to the hen you and your girlfriends will enjoy!

Our reasoning behind why an autumn celebration is the ideal choice

We have already mentioned a few in the beginning, but let us delve a bit deeper into the topic. Planning a marriage celebration between the months of September and November is a brilliant decision for quite a few reasons. Not only do you get to enjoy the last warm sun rays, but you will also have an event illuminated by a magical gold-infused light. Moreover, tying the knot outside the peak summer months means you won’t have to compete with plenty of other brides who dream of a summertime celebration. Consequently, you will also be able to choose from a larger pool of vendors, given they will be less busy. This means you have a higher chance of booking the vendor you’ve discovered and loved, securing an unmatched wedding experience. 

How to plan the perfect autumn wedding

When it comes to devising a flawless autumn celebration, there are more than a few things you need to consider. This means you will be responsible for making plenty of important choices, which might cause you to feel a bit overwhelmed. To help you out in this venture, we have compiled a brief list of tips which, hopefully, will get at least some of the stress off of your shoulders and promise a smoother planning experience. 

  • Choosing a venue

The first step in planning your autumn wedding is choosing the ideal venue to host it. You may already have the perfect place in mind or are yet to be searching for the loveliest venue of them all. One of the best tips you can utilise at this point is to choose a location that offers you versatility. This means a place with indoor and outdoor reception venues, so you can easily move inside if the weather isn’t favourable. Rustic barns and country manor houses would make an ideal match, although there are plenty of other options you can explore, as well.  

  • Deciding on the perfect theme

Given you are planning an autumn wedding, it only makes sense to adorn it with an autumnal theme. Embrace the glorious warm hues of mustard yellow, orange, and red, and plan how to utilise them in your chosen space. If you are ready to unleash your creativity and design a unique celebration, consider adding blanket baskets if the weather gets chilly, as well as umbrellas in case it starts raining. To elevate the welcoming experience, opt for serving warm cider or hot punch to warm your guests up for an evening of magic and delight. 

  • Selecting your attire

Apart from ensuring you will make your guests happy; you also need to focus on yourself. Choosing the right attire for your autumn celebration can be tricky, but there is a simple rule to follow to ensure you don’t make a mistake. In general, the perfect autumn wedding dress is the one you can easily add accessories to. If the weather gets colder than you might have anticipated, a three-quarter-length sleeves and a floor-length skirt will do the trick. This will allow you to choose the style of dress you’ve always dreamt of and have something to wear on top if the temperatures suddenly drop.

  • Finding the perfect decor ideas

Hearing the word ‘autumn’ almost instantly makes our mind paint a picture of a cosy, gold-infused season with lovely, soft light. And there is nothing that should stop you from turning your venue into an autumnal dream. Think of what you can use as a decor to grasp the essence of this season. Research lighting solutions that will cosy up the atmosphere. Use dahlias, chrysanthemums, or sunflowers for your floral arrangements, and adorn the tablescapes with burnt orange, olive green, or berry red accents. This will instantly create a pleasant and warm ambience, giving it the right amount of warmth and cosiness, you need for your autumn affair.

Don’t forget about planning the perfect hen-do party!

We have already shared the most useful tips about designing an autumn marriage celebration, but you all know there is something you need to take care of before your special day arrives. Having an autumn wedding usually means having a summer hen do, and that’s all you and your girlfriends need to lift your spirits. If you wish to secure an unforgettable experience, consider organising a unique hen do. Apart from hiring a stripper, we recommend you book a butler in the buff to level up the game. These men are trained to provide top-notch services and make your guests feel ultimately special. They offer mobile cocktail lessons to teach you how to make delightful cocktail recipes we bet you will continue doing on each special occasion in future. So, make sure to promise your bridesmaids an extraordinary experience they will talk about for years!

So, do you feel ready to plan the autumn wedding of your dreams? We are more than confident you have already imagined the magical atmosphere that awaits both you and your guests! Therefore, make sure to consider the tips we have shared here carefully, and we are sure you will be up for an unforgettable event. And, of course, don’t forget to book a unique summer hen-do experience, which you can do by visiting our website or getting in touch!