Feeling creative? Our Artistic hen party package combines an exclusive cocktail masterclass with the chance to get your hands dirty.

We’ll start your big night with one of our professional life models. With all the artistic equipment provided, all you need to bring is your enthusiasm. Whether you’d like to see just one pose or you’re all about new positions, we’ll take your lead. Simply get to know your life model and prepare your hens to create something truly exceptional together.

Once you’ve made your masterpiece, we’ll shake things up. Booking cocktail lessons from a Butler Direct butler in the buff guarantees premium quality drinks for your bride-to-be. We’ll provide the booze and glassware, so you’ll just need to know your favourite drinks. Whether you prefer a Mojito or a Margarita, your butler will show you how to put the cherry on top.

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If you want your hen party to get raunchy, our late night package could be the perfect choice.

When you book cocktail lessons with us, you’ll enjoy the exclusive company of a specialist butler in the buff. All of our butlers are trained to a professional standard, so premium quality drinks are assured. Whether you prefer a Pornstar Martini or an Old Fashioned, we’ll show you how to shake it.

And once you’re feeling a bit tipsy, the show’s only just getting started. When you choose to book our late night package, you also get one of our incredible male strippers and you’ll receive a private service unlike any other. You don’t need to tell the bride-to-be, either. There’s no better surprise on the night than an expertly rehearsed routine, sensually orchestrated to impress.

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Give your bride-to-be the party experience of a lifetime. Sexy, sensual, and unforgettable, our Ultimate hen party package combines three premium service offerings: life drawing, cocktail lessons, and your own stripper.

Start the big night with a life drawing class. Your life model will provide all the equipment, so you’ll only need to bring your creativity. Expect gorgeous poses and front-row seats before moving onto an exclusive cocktail lesson.

Our buff butlers are trained to the highest standard, so you can recreate the classics from your own home. We provide the glassware and booze, but most importantly, we’ll shake things up deliciously for the main event.

You’ll finish the night with a steamy surprise, too. By booking a visit from one of our professional male strippers, you’ll enjoy private entertainment on another level. And lastly, we will arrange every aspect of our Ultimate package – so all you need to do is relax and enjoy the show.

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