The Tales of a Butler in the Buff

We all love a good story right? And as you can imagine, our butlers in the buff have some of the best stories to tell. Take a look at these 4 stories and let us know if they are similar to any of yours.

The body shots

The hen party was in full swing as the bride-to-be was ready to let loose in her last night of freedom. Everyone was having a great time, laughing and talking, but little did they know the night was about to get even crazier. Suddenly, the door opened and the most unexpected of guests appeared – a butler in the buff! The bride-to-be was so shocked she nearly jumped out of her chair. Everyone gasped in surprise and then burst into laughter as the butler gracefully strutted into the room. The butler was a real showman and quickly got everyone in the mood for some fun. He started by leading the bride-to-be to the centre of the room, where he proceeded to perform a sultry dance. The bride-to-be was mesmerized!

When the music stopped, the butler then instructed the bride-to-be to take four body shots in a row from his chest! The guests cheered as she hesitantly stepped forward and took the shots, one after the other. The night was a huge success and the bride-to-be was the star of the show. Everyone had a great time and the butler in the buff definitely made the night even more memorable! The bride-to-be left the hen party with a newfound appreciation for body shots, and a great story to tell for years to come.

The butler and the ‘missing’ apron

The butler in the buff had been hired to serve drinks and help out at the hen party. Little did he know, however, that he would also become the life model as part of the entertainment. The bridesmaids had been enjoying the butler’s presence and decided to put him to the test. They challenged him to get in the hot tub with them, and then one of them had the brilliant idea to steal his apron and hide it in the house. The butler in the buff was now in a bit of a predicament. He was in the hot tub wearing nothing but his smile, and he had to find his apron before anyone noticed he was missing something.

At first, he searched the obvious places like the kitchen, the living room and the bedrooms, but it was nowhere to be found. After a few minutes of searching, he started to become desperate, and began to search in some more creative places. He looked under the sofas, behind the curtains and even inside the cupboards, but there was still no sign of his apron. He was about to give up when he had a brilliant idea. He remembered that one of the bridesmaids had been wearing a large hat when she had stolen his apron. He ran over to her and asked her to take it off, and sure enough, when she did, his apron was tucked into the inside of her hat! She had been using it as an impromptu handbag! The butler in the buff was relieved to have found his apron, and the bridesmaids were all in hysterics. He quickly put his apron back on and went back to his duties, feeling embarrassed but rather proud of his detective work.

The bridesmaid that had one too many

Once upon a time, there was a hen party happening in a stately home. All the guests had gathered to celebrate the bride-to-be and the festivities were in full swing. There was laughter and music and much merriment, and even a butler in the buff to serve drinks and add to the fun. Little did anyone know, however, that the evening would take an unexpected turn. One of the bridesmaids was feeling a bit too giddy from the drinks and quickly had one…or five too many. Soon enough, she was so far gone that the other party guests couldn’t get her up the stairs to bed.

That’s when the butler in the buff stepped in. He gallantly volunteered to give her a fireman’s lift up the three flights of stairs, tucking her in bed and making sure she had a glass of water. All the other guests clapped and cheered, and the party resumed in full swing. The next day, the bridesmaid woke up with a very sore head. She vaguely remembered being carried up the stairs by the butler in the buff, and the whole party erupted in laughter when she asked what had happened. The moral of this story? Don’t drink too much at a hen party and always have a butler in the buff handy just in case!

The chat with Grandmother

When it comes to hen parties, the butler in the buff is always the star of the show. But it’s the grandmothers who really take centre stage. They always seem to take the opportunity to mother the butler in the buff, no matter how hard he tries to distract them with his charms.

Take the case of… we’ll call her Mrs. Smith, a grandmother of five. She had been invited to her daughter’s hen party and when the butler in the buff arrived, she couldn’t herself but to ask him all sorts of questions about his job, his future plans and his goals in life. At one point, Mrs. Smith asked the butler in the buff if he wanted to do this job forever, saying “it’s not a job you can do when you have a family”. He tried to dodge the question, but Mrs. Smith wasn’t having it. She looked him straight in the eye and said, “No matter what you do in life, young man, it’s important to have a dream.” The butler in the buff was so taken aback by this unexpected advice that he couldn’t help but smile, and Mrs. Smith gave him a knowing wink. From then on, Mrs. Smith was known as the “mothering grandmother” of the hen party circuit. It’s a funny story, but it’s also a reminder that even the butler in the buff can benefit from a little mothering now and then.